Comfort Zone … In the Arms of Our Lord

This weekend, the Lord sent me way out of my comfort zone and way out of Hunt County. I cannot remember the last time that I traveled anywhere without my dear husband at the helm. I do remember a trip to a Rangers game with Amy that was disastrous as Amy and I both hate heights and we were at the top of the stadium trying not to freak out!

But, through a series of providential events, I needed to take two wonderful teens to an important vocal competition this weekend in Houston. Yep, I said “the worst drivers in the world” city. Ooops. Exaggeration. Not the worst in the world. Just the worst that I have ever seen. I digress.

The most important thing is that we are all safe and home and it was a great experience. But, it wasn’t easy and that is ok. Embarrassing moment: we were standing at a gas station awkwardly when I realized that Robert wasn’t there to pay for our waters (and their candy) and I hurriedly paid the nice lady. Sort of a silly moment.

And, a PTL that it was actually in Kingwood, which disguises itself as Houston, but is more like Rockwall in many ways. Lone Star College was beautiful and easy to traverse. Tiny bit of walking, great parking, beautiful buildings. The Finals and THE PERFORMANCE were held at First Presbyterian in their MOST beautiful Sanctuary. We loved hearing Anna Maria Martinez sing. She held our attention for 2 hours but I think we would have all set there on those hard pews for another two hours. She made opera FUN.

My two precious teens were amazing. This was their first foray into this new venue and they learned so much. They sang beautifully, were poised and lovely. Their scores were Exceptional. They both excepted their critiques just like professionals.

Then we partook of pasta with dairy, expensive chocolates, Starbucks, and naps. In the end, I know it was such a blessing for them to participate. The drive home included airing up a tire and enjoying a fun movie on the dvd player.

Bottom line: I missed Robert. SO MUCH. But, we did what we had to do and the Lord gave us the strength to do it well and joyfully.

HE does not call us to do what HE does not strengthen us to finish.

Blessings in His Great Love, Kathleen


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